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John Perlin

A Forest Journey


John Perlin

Ancient writers observed that forests always recede as civilizations develop and grow. The great Roman poet Ovid wrote that before civilization began, “even the pine tree stood on its own very hills;” but when civilization took over, “the mountain oak, the pine were felled.”

This happened for a simple reason: trees have been the principal fuel and building material of every society over the millennia, from the time urban areas were settled until the middle of the nineteenth century.

To this day trees still fulfill these roles for a good portion of the world’s population. Without vast supplies of wood from forests, the great civilizations of Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, Crete, Greece, Rome, the Islamic World, Western Europe, and North America would have never emerged. Wood, in fact, is the unsung hero of the technological revolution that has brought us from a stone and bone culture to our present age.

A Forest Journey tells this story.



A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Fate of Civilization

A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Fate of Civilizationy, John Perlin, author

let it Shine: 6000 years of solar architecture and technology

Let it Shine: 6000 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology, (John Perlin, sole author), available in bookstores mid September, 2013.

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